Tuesday, October 30, 2007


It is a beautiful morning. The sky is cloudy and the temperature is just perfect. I look out of my window and see butterflies flitting around the rose bushes blooming with pink and yellow blossoms. But I am stuck inside; desperately trying to study for an exam that I know is a lost cause anyway. It is really unfair. Days like these aren’t for studying. They are for taking long walks or going out and playing a crazy game of handball or sitting by the lake looking at the ducks dipping their beaks in the water to find food. I still remember that few years ago on a day exactly like today, Malini and I both ditched our classes and took a long walk from Lifestyle to Prasad’s through Necklace road just for the heck of it. I miss doing things for no reason at all. As you grow older, actions are determined by their consequences. But when you are kid, you act to see what the consequences could be. I have sneaked out of the house when grounded as a kid just to test the limit of my parent’s patience. It didn’t take me long to find out my parents weren’t endowed with the gift of patience and tolerance. Or how when I was 10, I cycled all the way to Tarnaka just to explore new places and then got lost and had to find my way back after approaching the police for directions. It was one of my best adventures and the flogging I received after I got home was totally worth it. Somehow lately I seem to have lost that sense of adventure. The days are weary and there is just so much to do and so little time that all these small thing in life seem to pass by in a flurry that you barely get to have a whiff of the excitement they brew. The only adventure I have is to make it to college in ten minutes on highly congested roads. Yet I long for the adventure worthy of The Famous Five or The Five Find-outers. I blame Ms. Blyton for my current state of mind. So I bring to conclusion this incoherent rambling because I have get to college in exactly fifteen minutes or risk missing out on the wonderful experience of examination. Who knows…I might have an adventure today… on a day like today anything is possible…. it is just too beautiful to be wasted away….


Bizarre Kid said...

You have weird childhood memories.. hehe! But that's how life goes on. These small things give you happiness. It's all about how you perceive it.

Bizarre Kid said...

Not actually.. It's easy to say but they ain't possible in real life.

Curls said...

Forgive my ignorance...but what ain't possible in real life???