Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Not so long time ago,
My life was mundane.
But all that changed,
When, into my life you came.
Heaven was brought down to earth,
And limit was the sky.
Your love gave me wings,
I thought, forever i could fly.
Then, in an instant you left my side,
Leaving my hopes shattered, my dreams scattered.
By the time I realised what had happened,
My soul was left completely battered.
The darkest journey of my life began,
Filled with pain and desperate screams.
Inch by inch I crawled along,
My life with you seemed just a dream.
Hard though it seemed,
I tried to move on.
But part of me, always,
Tried to hold on.
Now the time has come,
For me to set your spirit free.
And a promise i make to myself,
I will forever remember thee,
As the blooming flower so dear,
Not as the withered one,
that has drowned in my silent tears.