Sunday, September 30, 2007


Ah! The feeling that comes when you have been completely bowled over by someone, when you begin to realize that you are, indeed, falling in love. When the presence of the object of your affection in the vicinity causes your heart rate to shoot up, make your palms go all sweaty and there is a swooping sensation in the pit of your stomach not unlike the one you get on a roller coaster ride. You begin humming tunes you would otherwise have loathed while doing the most mundane of things and suddenly develop a taste for romantic ballads. You stare out into nowhere a lot building castles in the air. You then jolt out of your reverie only to find that you have been smiling doltishly at your rather puzzled professor for the past five minutes while he has been droning on and on about analysis of short circuit symmetrical faults. Everything around you seems much more beautiful and everyone, suddenly, seem much more nicer. You even find it in your heart to forgive the silly girl (who was previously just a bitch), who has always spread nasty rumors that revolved around you and cosmetic surgery. (After all, she doesn’t have this wonderful feeling coursing through her veins like you do…no wonder she is bitter….the poor thing!) It is pure bliss, this feeling. But as always trouble always lurks around the corner. You wake up one morning and realize that the person around whom your world seems to revolve doesn’t even have an inkling of your existence. That brings to end this blissful journey and you plunge in to the misery of ‘Will he even like me……’ business. So before you make that plunge, HALT! Consider the possibilities- you might go ahead and win this person’s heart and live happily ever after(if there is such a thing) or you might end up having your heart broken and wallow in self-pity for a very long time. So don’t leave the confines of this blissful territory. Savor every moment of it. Let the warmth of this feeling wash over you., because ten years from now you are going to look upon this and cherish the memory of how you fell in love with your soul mate or if things don’t end on a happy note, you’ll smile nostalgically at the romance that almost was….

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Dearest Jumpy,
I write to you because i miss you and i feel writing is the only thing that can connect me to you. i miss holding you, i miss patting you. i miss the way you sat beside me , a look of pure content upon your cute lil' face, while i brushed you. i miss the feel of your soft fur, the way you smiled when you did something mischievous. i miss the way you used to look at me with pure contempt when i ate without sharing it with you. i miss the way you used to keep real close to my heels when i watched TV. i miss the way you used to climb into my bed to comfort me after i had received a sound beating from Amma. i miss the way you licked my tears away when i cried. i miss the way you welcomed me when i came back from school, how sat beside me and listened patiently to all my woes. i miss the way you always took my side when aju and i fought. i miss the way how you would make me run around the whole house to just give you a bath.we had lots of fun Jumpy kutty, we did. you were always there for me through the good times and the bad. i miss you. i wish somehow you could come back to me again. sometimes i return home and think that you'll be at the door to welcome me. you don't know how lonely i am without you.i need you........ i miss you........

JUMPY was my dog since i was 8. she died at the age of thirteen.