Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Dearest Jumpy,
I write to you because i miss you and i feel writing is the only thing that can connect me to you. i miss holding you, i miss patting you. i miss the way you sat beside me , a look of pure content upon your cute lil' face, while i brushed you. i miss the feel of your soft fur, the way you smiled when you did something mischievous. i miss the way you used to look at me with pure contempt when i ate without sharing it with you. i miss the way you used to keep real close to my heels when i watched TV. i miss the way you used to climb into my bed to comfort me after i had received a sound beating from Amma. i miss the way you licked my tears away when i cried. i miss the way you welcomed me when i came back from school, how sat beside me and listened patiently to all my woes. i miss the way you always took my side when aju and i fought. i miss the way how you would make me run around the whole house to just give you a bath.we had lots of fun Jumpy kutty, we did. you were always there for me through the good times and the bad. i miss you. i wish somehow you could come back to me again. sometimes i return home and think that you'll be at the door to welcome me. you don't know how lonely i am without you.i need you........ i miss you........

JUMPY was my dog since i was 8. she died at the age of thirteen.