Monday, September 07, 2009


It was a cold, dark night. There was not a sign of life around. Everything was frozen. I walked alone. I was tired. The wind wailed like a banshee. I could feel it trying to smother me with its cold, unfeeling hands. Each breath was a knife in my lungs. It was a battle I was sorely losing. I wanted to give up, surrender.I was too far away from home. Home seemed like a distant memory that was beginning to fade. I had nothing left in me to go on. Perhaps this was the end. I looked up to the heavens for one last sign. Out of the darkness came a light. A star blinked at me. A star, far, far away, was smiling down at me. It spoke to me. "Don't lose hope ,little one. You can make it." I didn't believe him. But I wanted to. Something in me wanted it to be true. "But I have no strength left in me", I said."I am too cold and it is too dark." The star smiled its sweet smile again."I will shine upon you and light up your path. I shall burn brighter so you may feel my warmth". So I walked on. The star was my companion. I felt a warmth that seemed to radiate from within. Every time I faltered, the star pushed me on. I didn't feel so lonely anymore. The wind didn't bother me and neither did the cold. I t was like walking inside a warm bubble. Before I knew it, I was standing at the door of my home. Suddenly a sadness engulfed me. I was time to bid goodbye to my star. With glistening eyes, I looked at my star. But he was smiling. Did he not feel the pain of our parting? He didn't say goodbye. I opened the door and walked in. But it wasn't dark inside. I wasn't alone either. The star was still with me. He was in my heart. I went to bed with a blissful smile. Life was never going to be cold or dark again.