Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It’s Halloween!!! That’s it. Just another day. Every year I think this might be the year that I might meet my first ghost (more like talk to my first ghost because I think I have seen ghosts in my relatively short life). Now if you are wondering why I would want to meet ghosts then I can’t really give you a logical explanation. I have a mole in my eye and someone once told me that those who have moles in their eyes could see ghosts. Ever since then it has been my obsession to meet a ghost and have a nice long conversation with him or her. And Halloween seems like the best time considering that the dead are supposed to roam the earth and all. However nothing remotely spooky has happened today…am I supposed to wait till midnight to see ghosts or something? I sound all cool now but when I get up in the middle of the night to go pee, if there is even a slight sound I start praying like crazy hoping its not a ghost…. I keep wondering what if I meet a ghost right now…what if there is a ghost standing right behind that curtain…what if there is ghost under my bed…would I scream or would I faint because I know I am not going to be all lady like and say “ hello there Mr. Ghost…on a midnight stroll are ya? Fancy a chat?” I am a brave person…but in the middle of the night when sleep still has its grip on me, I am rather vulnerable to the fear of ghosts…. And nobody likes uninvited guests…. so Halloween is the time I think I can invite them cordially to my home…discuss life and afterlife over a cup of hot chocolate…. and maybe I can do a Melinda and try to find out if there is any unfinished business that I could help them out with so that they could cross over… ok might be a tad bit too much…. so here I wait…another Halloween … I do hope this year is the one…yeah I know what you are thinking…. wishful thinking!


Shikha said...

You are crazy, I say. :P
Template's great.

Curls said...

well i am glad you liked it.....and about the crazy thing....aren't you stating the obvious ;)

Velcro said...

i love that baby in you.. :) afraid of the darkness.. afraid to pee.. :) :)