Sunday, June 03, 2007


Knowledge is power. That’s what we are taught all our lives. But what they forget to teach us is that in life we don’t always have the knowledge of what lies ahead. I, like a lot of other people, was obsessed with the knowledge of future. I wanted to know what would be the end before I even began. I wouldn’t watch a movie without knowing how it ended. The last page of a book was the first page I read. It gave me a sense of power to know what the characters of the book didn’t. This obsession took its toll on my life as well. I wouldn’t begin my day until I read the daily horoscope. I wouldn’t commit myself to any task until I knew what the outcome would be. I even hated surprises. I wanted to know about everything and anything. Then one night as I was stumbling down a dark, unlit street, I had a light bulb moment. I realized life is quite like walking in the dark. One doesn’t know what lies ahead. Each step is filled with the terror of tripping on a stone or falling into a pothole or even stepping on a snake. But there is a great thrill of surviving each step; an excitement that dilutes the terror, a sense of invincibility that makes life worth living. Now I no longer obsess about knowing everything. I let life surprise me. And the last page of the book is the last page I read.


bokatoze said...

Very well written. Keep that up somewhere.